eMBe is the first brewery in Mlada Boleslav, a Czech city known for being a major centre of the Czech automotive industry. The city name abbreviation MB became eponymous for colloquial naming of Škoda cars as "embé(čko)" and the brewery/restaurant takes inspiration from this and from one of the most famous Škoda cars, Škoda 1000 MB. 

The visual identity is rooted in symbols of the car (the unique steering wheel shape, the typography on the car emblem, illustrations of the car itself) and mixes retro style images like half-tone illustrations with modern typography and a timeless color palette.
The visual identity was applied on a multitude of materials, ranging from stationery, gift vouchers, beer glasses and coasters to interior signalisation and toilet signs. The wide range of applications made it possible for the branding to become complex and versatile.

Design: Andreea Bora
Restaurant concept: Barbora Mluvkova 
Photography: Alexandra Timpau

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